In August of 2007 LifeWay Church of Billings was born by God unifying Rimrock Baptist Church and LifeWay Community Church, two like-minded but demographically different congregations. We believe His purpose in this was and is to make one strong and healthy church better able to glorify Him and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ more effectively.

Rimrock Baptist Church (RBC) had its beginning as a mission of Emmanuel Baptist Church in October 1976 and was constituted on May 29, 1977 with thirty-seven original members. During its history RBC met in different locations until the current property at 3100 Rimrock Road was completed in October of 1981. Over the years God had blessed RBC with a heart for people and to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ taught, particularly through missions.

LifeWay Community Church (LCC) had its beginnings as a mission from Trinity Baptist Church in 1998. Just 6 short months later the planting pastor’s health forced him to resign and LCC went on without a Senior Pastor until they called Stacy Gaylord in December of 1999. In its young life LCC was blessed to be a congregation that cared for each other with a strong bond in Jesus even as they faced the challenge of multiple locations.

Today God has unified LifeWay Church of Billings into one church family led by Pastor Stacy Gaylord and the other Elders whose whole by God’s grace is much greater than the sum of its original parts. We have all learned from each other and are growing together to become a church marked by a strong adherence and submission to the Bible, a genuine love and affection for each other, and a passion to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the glory of God increased throughout Billings and wherever God would allow us to serve.